Brazilian Blow – Dry

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the Brazilian keratin blow dry is a semi-permanant way of smoothing and improving the condition of your hair to make it more manageable . It works by infusing the hair with keratin – a protein which occurs naturally in the hair – to help fight frizz and keep hair looking sleek and healthy for few months.

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How does it work?

First of all your hair is washed and is then rough dried, after which the keratin treatment is applied to the hair for about 30 minutes (sometimes longer if your hair is quite coarse). Then the keratin treatment is locked into your hair when it is blow dried, and straightened to seel the keratin into yout hair. the results usually last between three months or more- during which time you should find your hair looks noticeably rejuvenated, smoother and more manageable.

The after care

Once you’ve had your Brazilian blow dry or Keratin treatment you have to be prepared for a few days of pony tails and low slung buns – as you’re not able to wash your hair for at least 72 hours post treatment.

Can you get a Keratin Treatment if you have coloured hair?

“Yes, a keratin treatment can be performed on any hair type, including coloured hair and natural, virgin hair. It works brilliantly on damaged and dry hair as it restores moisture and works to repair the hair.